About WPS

Dave Sinclair As an agency owner for over forty years, the most impactful thing I’d ever done was develop our own proprietary risk management platform – The Risk Safeguard Advantage. Over the years, we perfected and improved it, but in 2011 I realized that we could make it even better for our current and future clients by taking the next step and forming a captive.

One of the things we wanted was more of the savings going to our clients. We have always known that the top 20% of companies that care about worker safety and wellness subsidize the other 80% who do not. Some insurance companies allow a small claim to fester, either by not taking care of the claim early on or by allowing it to drag on without a resolution. Sometimes frivolous claims are paid just to save defense costs, encouraging even more frivolous claims against our clients. I realized the best way to handle this was by Third Party Claim Administrators just the way Fortune 100 companies do. They are responsible only to the client not to the insurance company. That is why we formed The WorkPlace Solution. We have control over the claims process because we are the client.

Our members are diverse, coming from the manufacturing, transportation, construction, and retail sales sectors, just to name a few. But they all share certain traits…they are entrepreneurial, dedicated to employee safety, and they care deeply about helping employees get back to their jobs after they’ve been injured.

It takes time and money to launch a captive – and it wasn’t easy to get this one started. The fact that we wanted to take on best in class business from a wide range of industry groups didn’t meet the guidelines of many fronting companies and regulators. But, if it were something that was easily done, well, everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they?

Today we are enjoying steady and sustainable growth and profitability. Our claims are being handled the way they should be. And we want to share this success with like- minded, well-managed companies – like yours.

Dave Sinclair


Are you ready to turn one of your biggest business expenses into a profit center?

The goal of The WorkPlace Solution is to provide our exclusive group of members a solid program to reduce claims and turn what once was a large draw on their P&L statement into a profit center.