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A snapshot behind the scenes at The WorkPlace Solution – Our Members

The WorkPlace Solution is a member-owned Workers’ Compensation captive company.  The draw for many of our members is financial – they are well run companies who have equally well run and managed Workers’ Compensation programs.  Low loss ratios, loss control and cost containment programs already in place, our members are drawn to a captive program to control the final pieces:  Underwriting and investment earnings retention and premium stability.

As the management arm of WPS, we are very selective about who joins our captive as we need to protect current members’ investments. Many companies won’t initially qualify – but we can work with them to improve their loss ratios, lower their MODs and implement strong loss control measures.  In the end,  we’ve built and are continuing to build a well run, profitable company whose members are enjoying the flexibility, profitability and the sustainability of their policy-holder owned entity.

Member Spotlight

DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding, Inc.

DIGiorgi Logo My initial interest in an alternative to the conventional insurance carrier was cost savings and containment of premium.  To somehow find a way to mitigate the constant fluctuation of premium, usually due to circumstances well beyond our control.  I’m pleased to report that we have in fact stabilized our premiums since joining the Captive and actually have seen a reduction in this most recent renewal.

Secondly, when a claim does occur – having an active role in the claim process helps us have a much more positive outcome. Once again the Work Place Solution hits the mark.  I’ve been able to positively influence my premiums by containing and in some cases reducing the cost of claims by actively working with the WorkPlace  Solution Staff of professionals from inception to final conclusion.  A unique and gratifying experience.

Bottom line The WorkPlace Solution operates as if I, the customer, designed it… Very refreshing!

Charles J. Marino, CFO –  DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding Inc.

Maybury Material Handling

maybury WPS helps you benefit from being a well-run company. Sinclair is very proactive and very involved in claim management. With Sinclair, we get quarterly reports and aid with closely managing claims.

John Maybury, President – Maybury Material Handling

Eastern Mechanical Services

goulet The WorkPlace Solution has delivered on everything that was promised and Dave Sinclair is a man of his word. What is promised is real. WPS responds immediately and are focused on getting people back to work as quickly as possible.

Ted Huzinga, President – Eastern Mechanical Services

City Tire Company

citytire logo I feel that by becoming a member of The WorkPlace Solution Captive we better positioned City Tire Company to be in far more control over our “renewals” and more importantly, case management.  City Tire has strived to make our workplace as safe as possible, and with the help of The WorkPlace Solution we have achieved that.  Furthermore, the vetting process of new members has ensured a quality group to partner with.  Without question, the case management that The Workplace Solution, along with PMA, offers is second to none.  In the 15 years that I have managed Workers Compensation insurance for City Tire Company,  no other company has even come close to the quality of case management I am receiving now.  This aggressive management is beneficial to everyone involved – Employees, Employers and The WorkPlace Solution.  They work closely with myself and an injured employee to keep costs low, but more importantly, to get the employee healthy and back to work as soon as is practical.  This benefits the employee and City Tire Company tremendously.  The employee feels looked after, and so does City Tire.  It’s truly a “Win-Win.”

Jeff Martin, VP Operations – City Tire Company

Goulet Trucking

goulet Since becoming a client of Sinclair, we at Goulet Trucking have improved our safety awareness programs and had an overall culture change among our employees.  Doing this has allowed us to be a part of the Workplace Solutions Captive.  The Captive has given Goulet Trucking the opportunity to work closely with the claims managers and do what is best for the company and our employees.  The Workplace Solution’s Captive has also allowed us to control our premium based on our performance as a company, which puts skin in the game for everyone at Goulet Trucking. The Workplace Solution effectively handles all the claims in the 5 states we do business in – I am very excited to be a part of this program and highly recommend it to other companies that have safety at the forefront of their company policies.

Jeffrey Goulet – Goulet Trucking, Inc.

Are you ready to turn one of your biggest business expenses into a profit center?

The goal of The WorkPlace Solution is to provide our exclusive group of members a solid program to reduce claims and turn what once was a large draw on their P&L statement into a profit center.