CDL Drivers Take Care: June Is National Safety Month

CDL drivers take care

Whether you are a driver with a CDL (commercial driver’s license) or a company that hires them, safety is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. In recognition of June as National Safety Month—with the fourth week specifically devoted to driving—we wanted to underscore some important ways CDL drivers can take care on the road.

Safety Violations that Put Your CDL at Risk

A lot of safe-driving tips for CDL drivers are the same as for other drivers, such as proper use of seatbelts, not driving drowsy and practicing defensive driving, but there are some safety violations that can cost you your commercial designation, your job and possibly even your life. These include:

When Extra Care Is Needed

In addition to the above, there are situations that require extra safety considerations for CDL drivers, especially if you are driving an oversized vehicle or semi:

  • Weather conditions: The weather and its effects affect your starting and stopping times, visibility and more. Better to pull off the road than put your life at risk.
  • Heavy traffic: The more traffic the greater your risk for accidents. Try to plan your route accordingly to avoid areas of congestion.
  • Road conditions: Extra caution is needed when driving a big rig up and down steep climbs, around sharp turns, and in construction zones. Allow yourself the time needed for safe navigation.

CDL Driver Safety Is Good for Business

If you employ commercial drivers, helping to ensure their safety on the road isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s good for your business too. In addition to keeping your fleet on the move and your workers’ comp rates down, if you participate in our workers’ compensation captive insurance program, you’ll also receive dividends, among other benefits.

This month and all year, we want to remind all drivers to stay safe out there. To learn more about the captive program and all the resources available through The WorkPlace Solution, including safety training, contact us today.

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