Mobile Physical Therapy Is a Great Solution For Employees On The Move

Mobile Physical therapy

Running a mobile workforce can certainly be challenging — It means ensuring everyone is in the right location, has the proper support, and that you understand their needs. Combine that with tracking time, materials, people, resources, vehicles and more, and it can quickly become an administrative headache.

But it’s not just your stress levels you need to think about — The health care of your team is vital too. If they’re sick, that can result in long periods away from work, lost productivity, and difficulties adjusting when they do come back. That’s exacerbated by being mobile — If your employees are in a different city every week, it can be difficult to follow-up on a regular treatment plan, get access to the right expertise, and make sure they’re recovering as quickly as possible.

In one area though, there’s a helpful solution — Mobile physical therapy (PT). Because PT is used so often to treat and rehabilitate after injury or illness, a mobile PT solution can make a big difference to your employees’ well being and recovery times. Imagine if one of your main truck drivers injures their leg — A couple of weeks of daily treatment from mobile PT could get them back in the cab in 14 days, rather than spreading that treatment out over months.

The standard PT model in worker’s comp simply isn’t designed for highly-mobile workers. There’s medical travel time to take into account, transfer of medical records, time spent explaining issues every single time, and variations in how individual therapists provide treatment. To say nothing of all the paperwork!

That’s why mobile physical medicine on demand is becoming a popular option. You can register your employees with one of the new PT startups, and they’ll get therapists who already understand their history, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Even better, they’ll have therapists in many of the major cities, so your employees will never be too far from treatment. Some PT businesses can even put therapists on trains and other public transport to provide PT on the go.

It’s not just limited to your traveling employees either. If a serious injury has left someone housebound, the therapist can visit them at home and give them the right training and exercises to speed their rehabilitation. And that all matters to your bottom line — There are cost benefits from reducing sick time and getting skilled people back to work quickly, together with reduced transportation costs.

Although mobile PT may not work for everyone, it’s already being used effectively to treat a range of medical conditions and injuries. You can even get staff back onto light duties quickly, and increase their workload as their recovery permits. Some employers might even choose to embed PTs on their worksites, so your employees will always have fast, easy access. In fact, in some areas PT exercises can help strengthen key muscle groups to avoid injury in the first place.

If your business is suffering due to physical injuries, it’s worth investigating how mobile physical therapy can help your people recover and get back to work.

Dave Sinclair, CEO The WorkPlace Solution

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