Surprising and Potential Benefits of Diabetes Meds

The link between science, medicine – both Eastern & Western – and insurance is fascinating.  Well perhaps not to everyone, but to me the relationship is astounding.  As more and more drugs are introduced to the marketplace – studies have found that many drugs not only help with the intended disease but also have some added benefits in other areas of the patient’s health.

Diabetes is a disease that is on the rise, mainly due to the rise in obesity in this country.  It’s no secret – nor surprise, that obesity causes a plethora of other health issues and also increase the risk for injury on the job.  Introducing a new injury to an already health compromised individual can create a snowball effect.

In The WorkPlace Solution our case managers know getting injured workers to comply with their prescribed diabetes treatment plan and monitor blood sugar levels is critical.  The National Institute of Health shows abundant evidence that diabetes increases the amount of disability associated with injuries to every body part, from foot to shoulders.

As many of our clients are in the construction and manufacturing sectors, we unfortunately see a lot of back injuries in our line of work.  Yes, we work diligently with our clients to ensure proper safety protocols are in place – but accidents happen. Back injuries have long recovery times or can turn into chronic conditions – and they are always expensive to the employer.

One recent study showed that patients with “lifestyle-related diseases” like diabetes experience significantly worse clinical outcomes after spinal fusion, and lack of adhering to a treatment regimen for diabetes negatively affected surgical outcomes. Quickly educating patients is vital to the success of their treatment plans.

The silver lining….Drugs with good side effects.

Metformin is a drug for type 2 (adult onset) diabetes that is commonly prescribed to those whose blood sugar levels are at or approaching potentially unhealthy levels.  It also has shown to have some perks!

The injured worker should know that Metformin can not only control their diabetes, but studies show it may allow them to live longer increasing lifespans by over 14%. Metformin has also been linked to a reduced cancer incidence in some retrospective, hypothesis-generating studies.

According to the National Library of Medicine “Since cancer and aging may share certain molecular processes, it is plausible that metformin may prevent cancer by acting on the aging process.”  Interesting stuff!

Our goal is always to get our client’s injured employees back to work as quick as possible. Our case managers, doctors, and nurses  look beyond the comp injury and view the patient holistically – ensuring previous conditions are taken care of as well.

Dave Sinclair, CEO The WorkPlace Solution

*Note we were not paid to endorse Metformin or the companies who manufacture it -we simply found the facts interesting and thought we would share.



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David Sinclair is the CEO of The WorkPlace Solutions and Sinclair Risk & Financial Management.

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