Why WPS makes sense for your Manufacturing Operation…

Why WPS makes sense for your Manufacturing Operation…

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Controlling Premiums and Effective Claims Handling made all the difference to Paramount Machine Company, Inc.

We’ve been associated with The WorkPlace Solution for several years now and I must say they have always exceeded our expectations.  Having an insurance company that is 100% accountable 24/7 makes you feel valued as a member.  What makes them different is their people, who always take the time to explain what is going on with my workers comp program and always take interest in our business needs. We definitely like having the profits go back into our pockets instead of a regular insurance company.


M. Todd Pancavage, Director of Business Development – Paramount Machine Company, Inc.


“All businesses take risks. Great businesses manage risk.”


  • Captive insurance is a strategic business planning tool for managing your Workers’ Compensation cost in a very structured and tax efficient way.  Not only is The WorkPlace Solution an efficient risk financing tool, it will also provide many tax benefits to you, your business, and your family.
  • As a member you are also an owner – Each member of The WorkPlace Solution has equity in the company, as an owner you gain back control over your finances vs. working with a traditional carrier for your Workers’ Compensation coverage
  • Risk Sharing – The WorkPlace solution allows you to share your risk with each member, all of whom have similar risk management and loss control strategies in place.
  • Our Members are carefully chosen – all members of The WorkPlace Solution are carefully chosen, on average our Modification Factor is .88 resulting higher profitability for the company and therefore the ownership.
  • A+ Claims Service – We emphasize early, aggressive medical intervention, extensive utilization review, and aggressive provider contracting as an effective means of reducing the cost and duration of workers compensation claims and increasing profits back to the Captive and its members.

A Word from the CEO…

I’m a businessman first and a Risk Management professional second.  At the end of the day, we all want a profitable company, happy and healthy employees and a succession plan in place.  I started the WorkPlace Solution to offer my best in class clients an option.  An option that gives them control over their risk management, puts money back in their pocket when they’ve done a great job at controlling risk and gives their employees A+ claims service thereby making their business far more profitable and appealing.

If you are ready to take control of your risk management program and join the likes of Jeff Martin of City Tire email me today and we can set up a time to have a 15-minute conversation about your business goals and strategies.

Email me Today!

David Sinclair, CEO

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Are you ready to turn one of your biggest business expenses into a profit center?

The goal of The WorkPlace Solution is to provide our exclusive group of members a solid program to reduce claims and turn what once was a large draw on their P&L statement into a profit center.

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